Take Screenshot On Vivo V5 Quick Guide

Vivo V5 is one of the best sellers by Vivo manufacturers. But are you using this Vivo Smartphone to the extent for which it is made for? Are you able to take screenshot of the things you like on your smartphone and preserve them for the later on use? If you do not know how to take screenshot in Vivo V5, We are here to help you out with this very easy step by step guide to take screenshot on Vivo V5.

How to take screenshot on Vivo V5 best easy guide

Step By Step Procedure to take screenshot on Vivo V5 Best Guide

You might find various working methods to capture screenshot on Vivo V5, But only few comes to be legit and working! We also request you to do let us know the procedure to capture screenshot on Vivo V5 if you think we have missed it in our guide.

Hardware Key Combination to Take Screenshot in Vivo V5

  1. Go to the screen which you want to take screenshot on Vivo V5.
  2. Press Power/Lock and Home button together until you see your screen flashing up or you hear a click sound.
    Screenshot Vivo V5 using buttons

    Press Home Button and Power Key to Screenshot on Vivo V5


  3. Now drag down the notification bar to see the screenshot captured in Vivo V5 or to the Albums app in the phone and see the latest screenshot taken.

Quick 3 step guide to screenshot Vivo V5 using Hardware keys was the easiest method of all. If Power and Home button do not work for you, You can then try with Lock/Power and Volume Down combination as well. But, many people still find it difficult to take screenshot on Vivo V5 using Hardware keys. Therefore we have another method as well to take screenshot which includes via Screenshot Toggle.

Take Screenshot on Vivo V5 using Screenshot Toggle

  1. Navigate to the screen which you want to capture on Vivo V5.
  2. Pull down the Notification bar and tap on Screenshot Toggle from the list of Quick Access toggles in the notification bar.
  3. You have successfully captured Screenshot on Vivo V5 using Screenshot toggle icon.

If you are unable to find Screenshot Toggle Quick access bar in your notification settings. Then first edit the list of Active Notification toggles by moving the Screenshot toggle to the list of Active toggles in notification bar settings.

Capture Long Screenshot or Scrollable Screenshot on Vivo V5

Another growing trend in screenshots industry is the method to take scrollable or long screenshot on Vivo V5 which enables users to capture text or screen as a series of screenshot in a single page.

Few smartphones like Xiaomi and Oneplus are offering this feature inbuilt with the latest update of Android Nougat. To take long screenshot in Vivo V5 one can try pressing down Power and Volume Up button together and wait for the popup to appear that will help you our to capture scrollable screenshot on Vivo V5.

This is not all, There might be various other procedures too to take screenshot in Vivo V5, but, we found the above-mentioned two methods as the easiest of all. Do let us know if you are stuck at any point! As our hippo is always ready to help you peeps solve their problem!

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